Allied Members are not Architects, but are professionals in related fields, who collaborate with and support Architects in the creation of the built environment.

AIA Contract Documents – Industry Trusted Documents
To purchase Electronic documents, please visit the AIA Contract Document {} page.
A variety of support options are available on the AIA Contract Documents Support page {}.
• For technical issues and purchasing support, call 800-942-7732.
• For contract and form questions, call 202-626-7526.

About AIA Documents
AIA publishes close to 200 agreements and administrative forms that are considered to be THE INDUSTRY STANDARD for contracts in the building profession. These documents assist those involved in design and construction to define the terms and relationships of a project. Since 1888, AIA has produced these comprehensive contracts and follow a revision policy to ensure their ongoing accuracy and relevance by consulting with architects, attorneys, contractors, engineers, owners, and other related professionals.
AIA contract documents can be utilized by Architects, Contractors, Owners, and Attorneys. There are a number of product options that are summarized in this Product Overview chart {}.
Contract documents are organized by two methods:
• By FAMILIES {} based on project type or delivery method.
• By SERIES {} based on the document use or purpose.